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My name is Shamara Harris, CEO of NiquesExquisite. It all started as an idea during a time I felt I was giving up, not knowing my place, and because I felt I did not have the tools to succeed I realized it was time to start thinking toward the future! With that being said I started masterminding and thinking of things I loved and had a passion for that could earn a second stream of income, with hardship and being a single mother I was destined to find what’s for me, as far as I could think back I always had a love for lashes, from watching my mom put herself together with her make-up and lipsticks, and topping off her look with lashes! I realized that I had a gift, and eye for a specific look, not too much but giving just enough for you to double take. So here we are fast forward from 2018 to now 2021 I am ready to showcase lashes for all women & men over the world, no matter color, size, gender. If you need it we have it, from natural, to glam, to a night out, you can step out in NiquesExquisite feeling confident, beautiful and Exquisite. 

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RESPECT - We will respect all customers no matter race, size, or gender. We show dignity and gratitude all that support NiquesExquisite.



TRUST - we want to gain all of our customers trust one day at a time, by providing the best customer service, accommodations, timely response back and timely deliveries packaged with care.


OWNERSHIP - we take ownership in all that we do, even if a mistake is made. We pride ourself’s in owning our mistakes and correcting them to satisfy customer needs. 


PROFESSIONALISM - providing professional services, with excellent customer service to serve each and every customer well. 

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